Australian casino sued by utility company

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An Australian energy company said sued Melbourne’s Crown Casino to recover $800,000 gambled away by a high-rolling former manager, a court heard on Friday, reported.

“Wayne John Seiler stole $1.04 million from electricity and gas provider TXU while working as a financial manager last year,” the Victorian County Court heard.

“…Defence lawyer Peter Chadwick said the theft fuelled Seiler’s casino gambling, which began after he moved from Sydney to Melbourne alone, despondent and in debt when his marriage collapsed.”

“Identified as a big spender, Seiler was invited to the high-roller Mahogany Room and often stayed through the night, the court heard. …Mr Chadwick said TXU had applied for compensation and filed a civil suit against Seiler.

“He said a case before the Supreme Court might act as a precedent allowing TXU to widen its civil action in a bid to recover the stolen money from Crown,” according to the hearings.

Canadian stuntman, who forced Olympics organizers make tougher security control, was sentenced to five months in jail and fined 2000 Euro by a Greek court. has earlier reported , this daredevil from Canadan, inspired with online casino Golden Palace, made a splash at the Olympic Men’s Synchronized Springboard Finals this week. Ron Bensimhon, who emblazoned his body with the name of the gambling operator, climbed out of the stands and jumped off one of the boards into the pool. He managed to pass unwatchful security officials and release his stunt.

Canadian, who was also involved in a similar stunt at World Figure Skating Championships in Germany last March, met his sentence with an immediate appeal, arguing that he had not meant to disrupt the competition. cited him as saying: “I wanted to have fun but I never knew it would finish like this. I thought they’d laugh about it.” Afterwards, Ron Bensimhon was released without bail.

This stunt was a good lesson for Olympics security providers. According to some reports, the Greeks spent $1.9 billion on Games security.



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